Have a Thrilling Experience in Dubai Desert Safari

What we usually picture a desert in our mind? Probably a land with only camels, cactus, and palm alive. The big area of desert where no one could survive without eating a single food and drinking drinks. A desert often pictures an exile. But hey it is just a place, a beautiful place where several … Continue reading “Have a Thrilling Experience in Dubai Desert Safari”

What we usually picture a desert in our mind? Probably a land with only camels, cactus, and palm alive. The big area of desert where no one could survive without eating a single food and drinking drinks. A desert often pictures an exile. But hey it is just a place, a beautiful place where several countries even transform and manage it into a stunning tourist attraction. Many deserts are located in some parts of the world, and the Gobi Desert is the example. Located in the mainland, Gobi Desert becomes the famous and large desert in Asia. Not only China, several countries in Asia also have deserts. Dubai is the popular country today that many visitors, tourists or explorers want to spend their time on enjoying every panorama presented.

Since the desert consists of dunes that shift and move with the direction of winds, either they are strong or slow, it is quite impossible to explore it on foot without supported by special vehicles. At the past, together with camels, people went through a desert. But now people require a particular vehicle with four wheels. It is because the visibility when passing through the desert can be reduced to zero due to the sand storms. In Dubai, there is a special offer for travelers or tourists who want to explore a desert, and this is called desert safari. The main vehicle used to explore Dubai desert is the Toyota land cruiser. Don’t worry for the hot temperature because one you are in the car, AC is switched on and automatically tourists don’t get heated.

Dubai is popular for Burj Al Arab or Burj Khalifa, indeed but a chance to challenge yourself going with the wind and enjoying the dunes from the inside shouldn’t be missed. Various tour operators are available to help you. But in case of being fully-booked, you can go with an option “searching on internet”. Many tour operators build their website to assist tourists who want to experience a ‘dangerous’ timing and situation. If you know how, you can get desert safari deal with the best price. All tour operators uphold the safety of their clients because they strictly follow the set route and regime.

This safari suits for six people in a group and is done in the morning. The tour operator will pick you up at hotel to begin the journey. There is no rule for vehicles to precede each other as it could bring your life into a harm, dangerous situation. That’s why all vehicles get together at a starting point and go into the desert together. This thrilling experience will end at Bedouin camp. Here all tourists can enjoy exotic barbecue dinner and belly dance presented by Lebanese girls. Besides, all amenities are provided in Bedouin camp to clean and clear yourself.

Three Top Holiday Destinations 2016

There are a lot of wonderful places to visit all worldwide, ranging coming from the exotic inside the Far East right through to the traditional and fascinating cultures of Europe. For all those attempting to find fantastic 2016 all inclusive holidays, There‘s plenty to select from – listed below are many of the top places to visit in 2012.

Probably the most up-and-coming places in the planet in 2016 for many inclusive holidays or perhaps boutique tours is Bulgaria. This European country is steeped in history and culture, and it also still remains probably the most affordable and untouched holiday destinations in the planet today.

The nation is preferred to its wonderful Black Sea resorts that have long been a preferred destination for several many people from Eastern Europe. However, a greater number of people from worldwide are beginning to discover this country and it is gorgeous coastlines.

Along with the Black Sea, Bulgaria is likewise home to some fantastic ski resorts, mountains, nature reserves and totally unspoiled landscapes, together with lots of history and culture including its stunning Orthodox churches. Additionally it is home towards the second oldest city in Europe – Sofia – and that is perfect for history and culture buffs.

Perhaps one of the next places to feature to collection of a high destinations in 2016 is Cambodia. Long has got the Far East been a really popular destination for individuals all over the planet, yet usually there are some which are still not so high upon the bucket collection of travellers who are likely to would rather often navigate to the likes of Vietnam and Thailand.

With nevertheless, Cambodia really is really a fascinating country having a rich and unique culture and lifestyle. Furthermore it is among the most inexpensive places inside the Far East, which suggests even those folks on the budget could afford to reach here, be it through all inclusive holidays or by planning their very own unique trip.

There‘s also lots of ancient monuments and sites to discover here including Angkor Wat. The gorgeous temples at this breath-taking location are very well worth a visit to Cambodia alone, although it may be foolish to not explore many of the stunning scenery and delicious cuisine of the country whilst there too.

Our third recommendation for top 2016 holidays is Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. The rationale for the reason being in 2012 it is going to be hosting the Olympic Games and much is done to ready the nation to the new surge of tourism that it will receive consequently.

Although you might not have bought tickets towards the Olympic Games, It‘s still worth taking a look at because there are numerous events and attractions set up for those who are coming to the Olympics it will be a shame to miss out. Also famous to its party lifestyle and beautiful beaches – to not mention its other stunning landscapes – there really is a thing for everybody in Rio.

These are generally just three of the highest places to reach in 2012, if you are planning on booking all inclusive holidays or an inferior boutique tour for you personally and also your beloved. From Bulgaria to Rio de Janeiro, passing by Cambodia, There‘s something in each and every corner from the globe to you are taking your fancy and be also a really affordable trip too.

To anyone who is unsure about which is the greatest country so that they could visit, It‘s well worth asking your travel agent for just a little advice as they simply can effectively inform you whether you‘re best suited towards the beaches of Brazil as well as breathtaking natural parks of Bulgaria.

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